welcome to dreamingmiyuki v2.0! .♥. enjoy your time here and look around! I reccomend starting here!

Welcome to dreamingmiyuki 2.0!

It's been a while! If you want to view the older, more broken layout you can here!
Salutations! I'm Bee, the Guardian of this Website! Here in my small corner of the World Wide Web, I offer a refugee from the frighting things! Since you're already here, why won't you stay awhile and have some cookies! Feel free to explore my home and maybe you'll find some secrets (oooOOoooh)!

This site is contantly going through updates so if something is broken, please tell me so i can fix it!

where to?

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♥ - added new layout! Welcome to 2.0!
♥ - added some new pages ig
♥ - Updated more stuff in the Media Center!
♥ - Worked on the nav
♥ - Beginning to work on the blog page and game page.
♥ - changing the Media Center to show dropdown reviews
♥ - finished blog page
♥ - working on games page
♥ - working on figure and animanga page
♥ - added new blog post
♥ - added a temp socials page
♥ - changing the animanga to be just books.
♥ - adding some movies to media
♥ - added a new blog post
♥ - working on the HM shrine
♥ - added new blog post
♥ - working on the HM shrine

thank you for coming!